Did you know …
  • that the Oregon pioneers usually prepared the bodies, made the coffins and dug the graves for their family members?
  • that many of the old marble gravestones in Oregon came here on sailing ships?
  • that early stone cutters kept their marble slabs under water so they would stay soft enough to carve the intricate artwork?
  • that modern stone cutters no longer have the skills necessary to replace or properly repair Oregon’s old marble gravestones?
In Oregon, October is

Cemetery Education Month (click here for more education ideas)

School districts throughout Oregon participate in programs to help protect our historic graveyards by teaching students their value. Many classes tour local cemeteries and learn about state and local history, art, folklore, wildlife habitat, math and science. This is an opportunity to discover the many interesting and unusual stories awaiting them in Oregon’s open-air museums … our historic cemeteries.